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Bricks are now the number one option as it has proven to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, snow and rain, and foot traffic.
Invest in quality bricks and achieve your dream design for any kind of paving you need and want.

How much does paving services cost Sydney?

Brick paving usually cost per m2 in Sydney or any parts of Australia. Brick paving services starts at the installation cost of $30/m2. With both labor rates and materials, an estimate would be at $70 to $95 cost per m2.

Cost of laying pavers varies from the type of bricks used, kinds of equipment needed and area situation. For crazy sloping terrain or any challenging ground; laying pavers may need to cut bricks to a complex pattern thus requires higher cost per m2.

Before finalizing your plans of brick paving any of your outdoor areas, consider the location of where the paving contractor operates. Install price varies greatly from one area to another. Residents of Western Australia are paying the lowest estimate cost for paving services at around $25/m2. Aside from the costs involved, it would be best to consider the qualifications of the trade you’re going to hire.

Brick Paving before and after examples

Before the proper installation happens, our experts make sure to have a thorough inspection. They check on ways to keep pavers from sinking, what to put under pavers, how to lay pavers on the kind of area and many more. Western Road Services consider these small details in delivering your dream layout.

From an old, unappealing and unorganized outdoor area, we make sure to transform it to a wonderful work of art. You no longer have to hide or decline people from coming over to your place and you’ll start to welcome them with more confidence.

The photo below shows an awesome transformation. Our team of experts properly executed tips for laying pavers, especially on uneven ground.

Best paving services in Sydney

Across the globe, every company strives to provide the highest quality of products and/or services to their valued customers. In Sydney, many paving services companies desire to be the best of what they do.

We believe that what sets us, Western Road Services, apart from the game is our experience, expert teams, and quality equipment. The company majors in asphalt paving, pothole & bitumen repairs, asphalt driveway sealer for asphalt and bitumen Sydney and many more.

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Who performs paving services?

Takes a lot of time and determination to master any skill. As they say, repetition produces mastery.

Here in Western Road Services, our experts are proven to deliver the highest quality in paving services. We love what we do!

Our experts perform asphalt paving and concrete paving, asphalt seal coating, or general paving repair and maintenance services. Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers to deliver quality work.

Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust and we do what is best for our clients following our company’s values and methods.


We provide many kinds of paving in any of the outdoor space you have. We can transform your patios, driveways, and garden spaces to whatever you want them to be. Give us a try and we will realize all your paving needs.

We have different shapes, styles and color to surely accommodate the personality you want for your outdoor living areas.



The Process

We cover all conditions. Make sure to know your interest and provide the best and durable solution.

Awesome Result

We boldly transform areas to its best possible outcome. We cover areas: Richmond, Penrith, Liverpool, Blacktown, Parramatta, Campbelltown and all other Western Suburbs of Sydney.